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Natural Medicine Center

1. I am very successful in business and have a keen interest in physical fitness. My work with Dr. Walker has been a key factor in my continued success and healthy life. Dr. Walker, through an eclectic mix of alternative and conventional medicine, has helped me over the past 20 years with sustaining a high quality of health and wellness of being.


2. I have utilized many of the life extension therapies Dr. Walker has prescribed to me over the years, as well as following his medical advice. All of which have had the cumulative effect of improving my quality of life.

-David M.

3. Dr. Walker’s OHP Body-Mind work helps me to get myself out of patterns of stress. I feel more balanced and even keeled after every visit.

-Sherry L.

4. I used to rely heavily on hands full of herbs and vitamin supplements to feel good. Dr. Walker demonstrated to me through his OHP Body-Mind work that the nervous system has to be out of the stress mode (sympathetic dominance) to be able to heal, assimilate nutrients, and function properly. I take a lot less supplements now and I feel a lot better since Dr. Walker has been working with me to reduce these stress patterns within the nervous system of my body.

-Lisa J.

5. Dr. Walker’s approach to improving one’s quality of life has kept me coming back regularly for the past 15 years. I really appreciate his knowledge for health and life extension.

-Beth L.

6. My cancer has not come back in the past 12 years I have been working with Dr. Walker. They say cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body. I found out - that even though I drink fresh made carrot juice every day which is alkalizing - if I am stuck in the stress mode which creates an acid state in the body - the carrot juice really does me no good! I have tested my pH in the past when I was stressed and it would show my pH as acid even though I drank the carrot juice. I thank Dr. Walker for working with me to maintain an alkaline body.

-Jane D.

7. Dr. Walker has helped me to function more optimally through a combination of his OHP work and a life extension approach to optimal health. My fatigue is gone, I feel driven to get things done, and my wife says I am like a new person (the person I used to be).

-Chris W.

8. I found Dr. Walker’s expertise on testosterone optimization to be rather profound. Nothing like the clinic I had been going to. His approach to testosterone optimization was exactly what I had been looking for since reading Jay Campbell’s book on testosterone replacement for health and wellbeing. I have had great results!

-William S.

9. I found Dr. Walker through my husband who is a patient of his. Dr. Walker helped in balancing my hormones. I have much more energy to get things done. I am burning calories and making more lean muscle. My waistline has slimmed down. I am a very happy person now!

-Lori S.

10. I am a regional director manager for a billion dollar company. Before I saw Dr. Walker I had literally hit a “brick wall” in my life. I had memory, focus, and concentration issues. I had no energy to work out like I used to. I no longer was interested in doing anything other than work. My sleep was crap. I was really no fun to be around anymore. Looking back, I had been on a downslide for probably 10 years of gradual lack of motivation and decreased libido with erection issues. I figured this was “normal aging.” The breaking point was when my daughter told me I never did anything with the family anymore, that all I did was go to work, come home eat, and then go to sleep. Doctors gave me antidepressants, ADD medication, etc. and none of it worked. The treatment program I received from Dr. Walker has helped to gradually reverse all of these issues. I got off all of those drugs. Everything has turned around. I have climbed out of the black hole. My productivity at work improved and I am doing a lot of things with the family again. I am enjoying life!

-John R. 

OHP Hypnosis - Weight Loss

1.  The OHP Weight Loss audio keeps me motivated and makes it easier to stick with the positive and healthy changes I am making in my life!

-Joy L. 

2. I have made a lot of progress in my health and weight loss thanks to the OHP Weight Loss audio.  I like the way I now look and I no longer avoid mirrors!

-Mary W.

3.  My friends and I made a commitment to listen to the OHP audio for 6 months.  One year later we are all looking good and feeling great!

-Kathy R.

OHP Hypnosis - Smoking Cessation

1. I quit smoking before but it didn’t last very long.  I listen to the OHP Stop Smoking audio every night as I go to sleep.  I am now 85 days smoke-free!

-Bill F. 

2.  I decided to quit smoking and be a positive example to my two young boys.  I listen to the OHP Stop Smoking audio regularly.  I slipped up a couple of times, but Dr. Walker says Relapse is a normal occurrence in the stages of change.  I smoke a lot less now than I have ever done before on any other kind of smoking cessation program.

-Cara M.  

3.  It works!  Keep listening to the Stop Smoking audio every day and eventually it becomes easier in not wanting to take a smoke break all the time.

-Julie C.

OHP Hypnosis - Opening Human Potential

1.  I am a very creative and intuitive person.  The Opening Human Potential audio helps me become centered and positive, especially after a crazy day of stress!

-Ruth A.

2.  I have found Dr. Walker’s Opening Human Potential audio to be the easiest and most effective way for me to focus and ease into the meditative state than anything else I have done.

-Linda C. 

3. My friends and I frequently listen to the OHP audio, especially while studying.  We have found it puts us into a relaxed, yet focused frame of mind.

-Middlebury College 

4. This is kind of a long testimonial, but here it goes: I have had some chronic issues which have also dragged my spirit down somewhat.  I was stuck and going nowhere in my progress and my doctor suggested I try some clinical sessions of ketamine iv drips to see if it could basically help me to get me out of my funk.  At first, it was kind of interesting of how my mind would go to different places during these sessions. Sometimes it felt like an out of body experience.  One day out of boredom and an utter dislike for the primal sounding music they would play through the headphones during these sessions, I instead brought along my iPhone and earbuds, and I started playing the OHP audios I had purchased a while back from Dr. Walker.   I had had some previous success before in weight loss and smoking cessation, but the OHP audios kind of seemed to hit me at a different angle during the ketamine sessions, more than I had heard and felt before.   It allowed for a new level of integration within me of the positive OHP suggestions to motivate me into a more positive direction than before.  The audios kept me more focused on my self-improvement during these sessions than just having my mind meander around.   The depth of the work put into the audios by Dr. Walker, especially the OHP CD, seemed to become more apparent and appeared to have a quality of sagacity to them, of having a deeper perception into the root of the issues, of which I could begin to identify with.    I began playing the audios while driving around in the car (even though Dr. Walker had told me to do it at home) and the words I heard reinforced things a lot better in staying motivated for positive change.   When I started listening to the OHP CD during the ketamine sessions I began to find a deeper meaning behind my life’s events and relationships.   I began to start to make some positive choices in my life and sticking to them.  The choices I was now making seemed to resonate within my heart and felt right.  Similar to what I felt from Track 1 of the CD, where I could feel it opening up my heart center.  However, Track2 has had a special effect on me as well.  One reason I got into listening to the entire Track 2 audio, was because the ketamine sessions at the office were only 45 minutes long and Track 2 is about 40 minutes long, and I could feel the full impact of the audio happening within me while under the influence of the ketamine.  Another reason I liked Track 2, is that the music in it really resonated with me.  But, I could not figure it out and connect the dots until Dr. Walker told me that the musician playing on all of his audios was hypnotized prior to his performances and the musician said he channeled John Lennon the whole time.  Dr. Walker said all of the music is great -it is just that Track 2 seemed to be at a level above.   It has an ethereal melody to it, most definitely.  Also, the images from the CD make a lot more sense to me now, as can I relate to the energy centers and corresponding issues of reclaiming one’s power, and that our personal power lies within our thoughts and attitudes.  Anyway, I got a lot more out of this particular audio, both during and after the ketamine iv sessions.  It became more apparent to me that things I had thought were just random,scattered events, started to piece together to help me to find that a lot of things were all interconnected.  It seemed my life was like an emotional patchwork quilt I had sewn together.  I began to see that my anxiety,depression, and unrealistic and unfulfilled expectations of myself and others,and other relationship issues were all self-inflicted and dragging me down.  It was like this black vortex of negative energy sucking the life out of me.  I decided to unplug from all of this negativity, as if I was unraveling this quilt. I decided to use my emotional energy more wisely.   I continue to work on it every day.  To put my new found focus and my new life purpose in musical terms: it does not matter if you are singing in perfect pitch, or if you are playing in perfect tune, it just matters that you are playing and singing your own happy song every day.

-Julie P.   

5. I found the OHP Hypnosis Opening Human Potential to resonate with me. Positive adaptation to life requires the reinvention of one’s self on an ongoing basis, in order to become what we want to become, which then becomes our reality. The OHP CD more easily puts me in touch with the creative side of myself which is responsible for this positive change to occur.  I feel much more peaceful and calm when I am in this state.  As one once said, there is no “being” – there is only “becoming.” 

 -Frank J. 

6. As Dr. Walker once told me: “Change is constant, but it is the abrupt, unexpected, unpleasant change(s) we perceive and experience, which then becomes the hardest to get unstuck from.”  I have found the OHP CD as a good follow up and reminder to the OHP sessions I have had with him to keep the positive focus on these changes.   

-Rachel M.

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