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Hypnosis for Weight Loss and the Stages of Change

hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and the Stages of Change – 
The Upwards Spiral of Change by Never Giving Up

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and the Stages of Change

OHP Hypnosis for Weight Loss is ready to start to work when one is in the “Preparation Phase” of the Stages of Change.  OHP Hypnosis helps with the reinforcement of positive suggestions to move into the “Action Phase” of Change for Weight Loss. The “Maintenance Phase”is “Sustained Action”.  At this point one is continuing to do the positive habits needed to maintain their Weight Loss program.  This can include healthy lifestyle choices for food selection such as Weight Watchers, an exercise program at the gym, as well as positive thoughts to reduce their stress.  

Relapse can occur within a short period of time or it may occur later because life happens.  However, once you have experienced the Action Phase you are then at a higher level of change within yourself than before. After experiencing a “Relapse” it is then easier to make it back to the Action Phase. This is because you have spiraled upwards to a higher level within yourself to make changes occur more easily in the future.  OHP Hypnosis continues to work within you as long as you do not give up listening to the positive suggestions for change from the audio book for Weight Loss, even if you Relapse.  Just stick with it and you will be working your way back to the Action Phase again and then Maintaining. 

Getting the Most Out of the OHP Based Self-Hypnosis 

Audio Book for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and the Stages of Change

Just listen and follow along.  The first part of the OHP audio walks you through steps to allow the creative and imaginative part of your mind to accept the OHP suggestions for relaxation.  As you feel more relaxed it then allows you to realize you are going into OHP self-hypnosis.  The later OHP suggestions for Weight Loss can now stick a lot better, and the creative part of your mind gets more engaged to help you carry out the OHP positive suggestions you accept to help you lose weight, as well as beginning to create the changes you will need to sustain your daily plans for weight loss. Repeated listening to the audio is the key to sustaining lasting lifestyle improvements. 

The OHP Hypnosis audio for Weight Loss is ready to work for you to reach your weight loss goals.

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