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Welcome to Dr. Ben Walker's Online Store for Purchasing OHP Based Audio Books That Will Change Your Life!

These audio books allow our clients to experience repeated and reinforcing sessions of Dr. Walker’s OHP based self-hypnosis work for positive change while in the comfort of their own home without having to make a major commitment for an office visit for a hypnosis session.  The audio books provide one with OHP positive suggestions to better help them achieve their goals of weight loss, cutting smoking out of their daily life, as well as optimizing for opening their full human potential. 

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  • "I am a very creative and intuitive person. The Opening Human Potential audio helps me become centered and positive, especially after a crazy day of stress!"
    Ruth A.
  • "I quit smoking before but it didn’t last very long. I listen to the OHP Stop Smoking audio every night as I go to sleep. I am now 85 days smoke-free!"
    Bill F.
  • "The OHP Weight Loss audio keeps me motivated and makes it easier to stick with the positive and healthy changes I am making in my life!"
    Joy L.

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